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Adding new NFT contracts

Valora supports both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT contracts. Valora runs an indexing process that attempts to discover each new contract deployed to mainnet and alfajores once they meet a set of internal conditions (e.g., has more than one distinct holder, etc).

You can submit a pull request to explicitly request that Valora recognizes your project's contract. You might consider doing this in order to:

  1. Ensure Valora "recognizes" the specific contract address associated with your project's NFTs (Valora might communicate recognized NFTs to users sometime in the future).
  2. Ensure Valora always indexes your project's ERC-721 NFT contracts (even if they don't need the internal conditions) and shows them to Valora users who hold those NFTs. This is only for ERC-721 NFT contracts.

Visit nft-list to submit a pull request.