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Adding new dapps

There are some fields that need to be translated into different languages, and this is done by Valora, so to add a new Dapp or category you need to follow the following steps:

  • Open valora-dapp-list.json. You will see that it has two root objects (both arrays), categories and applications. The fields for each are described below.
  • The process to add a new category or Dapp is analogous, we'll use adding a new Dapp as example. For Dapps, we need to add a new item to the applications array. Valora Inc will do translations, so you don't put an actual description there.
  • To write the description, open the file base.json. This json also has two root objects, categories and dapps. In our previous example, we'd add under dapps a new field called ubeswap and write the description there.
  • After doing this you should open a PR and ask someone on the Valora team to review it so it can be merged. Once it's merged, the Valora Inc translations team will receive the new strings and translate them into all the supported languages.
  • Once they do, Crowdin will automatically open a PR with all the translations. After the Valora team merges this Crowdin PR the new categories or Dapp will be visible in the Valora Wallet.


nameThe name of the Dapp.
idA unique identifier for the Dapp. The current pattern is to use a lower-kebab-case string.
categoryIdThe category id under which the Dapp should show up.
urlThe URL to open when the Dapp is selected. Can also be a deep link to open in-app.
canPurchaseNftsWhether the Dapp supports purchasing NFTs. Per App Store guidelines, dapps allowing to purchase NFTs won't be visible on iOS as it would require payment via in-app purchase.

The logo of the Dapp must be a 256 x 256 PNG added to the assets folder. It will be available after merging in a URL with this format:{id}.png.

The English description of the Dapp should be added to base.json under the path dapps.{id}.

Please make sure that the description follows these guidelines:

  • Dapp descriptions must be 50 characters or less and describe what the user can do with the dapp. Dapp descriptions should not have a period at the end, but should adhere to American english spelling and punctuation otherwise. Example: Swap tokens through a decentralized exchange
  • Should not include a period at the end of the description.


Valora has basic support for replacing the following template parameters in a Dapps URL:

{{address}}Valora Account Address

For example:{{address}}


idA unique identifier for the Dapp. The current pattern is to use a lower-kebab-case string.
backgroundColorThe color for the background of the category in-app.
fontColorThe color for the font color of the category in-app.

The English description of the category should be added to base.json under the path categories.{id}.